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Being an invaluable tool in the interaction between a brand its customer base, the role of Consumer Packaging in the total product experience is more crucial than ever. In a marketplace where around 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point-of-sale, products need to stand out.

Corrugated is a great choice for consumer packaging. With 76% of its content originating from recycled sources, corrugated is 100% recyclability and fully compostable. Providing versatile finishes – from the organic appeal of brown kraft to high-quality gloss print – corrugated is the perfect medium to protect and support any product through the supply chain.

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated Packaging can promote your products in Point-of-sale (POS) packaging – FSDU’s, SRP’s, E-Commerce, subscription boxes and gift boxes. Protect your products in the supply chain – regardless of the rigours of your logistical needs, our experienced design team will ensure your product arrives in pristine condition. Be tailored to your exact needs – sized to your product with a wide range of base materials to suit a broad list of applications. Allow you to take advantage of corrugated’s green credentials and promote within your customer base.
At Goodline Box, our customers are our priority. We provide bespoke solutions to all our customers depending on their requirements. Our team formulates customized solutions to fit all types of packaging styles. Our experts will guide you right from the beginning until the very end – from the kind of box you would need (single wall/double wall) as per your product and the application, to delivering the numbers.
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Custom Boxes

Goodline Box provides customers the most top-notch quality, individualized corrugated cardboard packaging solutions. Our team of experts works diligently in the fastest turnaround time possible to cater to your packaging needs.

Die Cut Boxes
Boxes made as per your need and just the right fit for your product. With our unique manufacturing processes, we make flawless designs that can be printed in accordance with the needs of your brand.
Stock Boxes

Standard box or Stock boxes are prefabricated in bulk and sold by the bundle or pallet in stock stored for ready to sale. Goodline Box manufacturer most popular standard style stock boxes (RSC) in plain Kraft, single and double wall material. Stock boxes are a fantastic option for distribution, making packaging simple and easy and cheap.

Bulk Packaging
We are specialized to make a wide variety of heavy-duty bulk packaging that is structurally sound and ready to protect big, heavy products. Totes or Bins are perfect options for industrial shippers, produce and seasonal retail products, as a suitable way to consolidate smaller packages.
Sheets/Inner Pack

Goodline Box manufacture Corrugated sheets, liners, cardboard pallet corners, tubes, pads, build-ups, dividers, partitions and other inner packing pieces which can be structured in an infinite number of ways to separate or cushion products, strengthen the box or prevent product movement.

Folding Cartons
Our folding boxes are the best in quality and available to our clients on wholesale rates with exclusive quality. Our boxes are known for their durability and strength.
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