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When you ship your products, you need to ensure maximum protection during transit and handling so that they reach safely to end consumers. Products should retain their original quality, appearance, quantity, or freshness at the time of opening the package. Hence, you should carefully choose the packaging box for shipping.

If you are looking for options, corrugated boxes make a smart choice. Let’s tell why.

Better Strength and Protection

Corrugated boxes are made from multiple layers of cardboard which gives them better strength than regular cardboard boxes. They can withstand the impact or vibrations during transport and keep the goods safe. Corrugated boxes are designed to provide maximum cushion to both fragile and bulky products against wear and tear or collision.


Despite their sturdiness, corrugated cardboard boxes for shipping are lightweight which makes them easy to move, load, and unload during shipping. They weigh much less than wooden or plastic boxes. Moreover, they are also useful when you want to pack heavy items without increasing the packaging weight.

Safe for Handling

The flaps or openings of corrugated boxes can be secured easily with adhesive tape, glue, or a similar product. They also do not have sharp edges or nails. Hence, they are very safe to handle at any point during transportation.


The raw materials needed to manufacture corrugated boxes are easily available at affordable rates. Hence, they can lower your packaging cost. Also, since corrugated boxes are lightweight, you can save on shipping costs and pass on the cost benefit to the end customers.


You may require custom carton boxes in Canada for shipping, depending on the nature of your business or the types of products you sell. Corrugated boxes can be customised in multiple shapes, sizes, and styles as per the mode of transportation. You can also personalise these boxes with your brand logo, colours, and graphics. This can help you to increase the brand perception of your business even before the end consumers open the package.

For example, die cut box is a good option if you need to ship bakery products or wine boxes.


Corrugated boxes can be reused or repurposed multiple times in several ways. Moreover, most corrugated boxes are made from recyclable and renewable raw materials. So, they are easily biodegradable and minimize the carbon footprints on the earth. An increasing number of customers these days prefer to buy from eco-conscious brands. If your business believes in sustainability goals, then corrugated boxes make the best choice.

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