Different Types of Customization Options for Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are one of the best packaging solutions in Canada when you need to pack and move your things securely. They are lightweight and have strength and durability which are pre-requirements for retail packaging, shipping cartons, etc. Customization is another feature that sets these boxes apart from regular cardboard boxes.

They can be customized in different styles and sizes to suit your packaging needs. Here are different types of customization options available for these boxes:
Standard Boxes
These are the most popular and commonly-used boxes- which can be customised in various strengths like lightweight and heavy duty boxes. They are slotted containers with foldable flaps that you can easily secure with shipping tape. These boxes are suitable for FMCG, food and beverage, horticulture, electronic, building and industrial products.

Standard boxes can be further customized with one or two sets of flaps, full overlap flaps, tray style, box and lid, or five-panel folder.

Die Cut Boxes

Die cut boxes get their name from the die press or die cutter, a machine used to cut plain sheets of corrugated material into different shapes and styles according to your specific needs. These boxes can also be plain or printed with the company logo, product information, and other graphics.

Some of the die cut box designs you can consider are hinged lid self-locking, parts trays, pizza boxes, storage boxes, bakery boxes, wine boxes, and poster folders.

Shelf Ready Packaging

Shelf-ready packaging solutions are ideal for retail stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, check-out aisles, etc. These packages are the most convenient and customer-friendly to pack, store, display, or promote FMCG and horticulture products.

You can get various custom shelf-ready packaging options such as standard 3-tier display bins, dump bins, trellis, counter displays, and entry foam boxes.

Pads and Partitions

These corrugated boxes from a cardboard box company are useful to separate and protect the products inside the box. They are suitable for packing and storing fragile items, bottles, and small promotional materials.

A few custom options available in pads and partitions are layer boards, 6 and 12 dividers, and packing forms.

Speciality Boxes

Heavy duty boxes are in big demand in several industries for bulky and high-value products. These boxes are suitable for electronic, motor, and engineering equipment. A dual-component bulk container can be custom-made as per your industry requirement.

Product mailers are another custom speciality box variation. You can use them to send promotional material, gift boxes, subscription boxes, or product boxes to your customers.

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