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    Why order from goodlinebox?

    Goodline Box is a leading manufacturer and supplier of custom corrugated boxes in BC. Goodline Box, based in Surrey (BC), offers customized packaging solutions to diverse industry sectors like Ecommerce, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Retail, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing. With over 25 years of experience, we work with the objective of offering range of corrugated boxes, including custom corrugated boxes for wide needs & applications. The range of our corrugated boxes include Pizza boxes, Cardboard boxes, Moving boxes, Shipping Boxes, Corrugated Trays, Fruit Boxes, Vegetable Trays, Gaylords, Full overlap Boxes, Die cut custom Boxes. Our customers can select the sizes, material, design and finishing options based on their specific needs. On top of that Goodline Box offers most competitive rates that meet the budget range of small and medium sized businesses.

    Our Products

    Standard Boxes

    Slotted cartons are built to industry standards to meet the demand for products such as Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, Building and Industrial Products, Electronics and many more.

    Die Cut Boxes

    Our die cut cartons allow for intricate design and shape options to protect and promote your products in a variety of ways. We can create die cut cartons…

    Shelf Ready Packaging

    Our Shelf Ready Packaging is designed and constructed for a wide range of customers across many industries, including FMCG, Retail & Horticulture.

    Pads And Partitions

    Pads and partitions are generally used to divide and protect products within other packaging. These can be simple in design such as a layer pad or a complex custom designed die cut that locks the product securely in place.

    Speciality Boxes

    We offer a range of Speciality boxes, innovative and flexible cardboard packaging solutions that have been developed in response to industry requirements.


    Stock Boxes

    We offer a range of stock boxes to meet your needs. These stock boxes are of standardized sizes and styles. If ordered in quantity, they come at affordable price tag.

    Industries we serve


    What People’s Say About Good line box.

    We are very happy with Goodline's services. The team understands the requirements and delivers - very quickly. Thank you team Goodline.
    We cannot thank Goodline enough for being so quick - they saved us big time. Thank you.
    Extremely happy with their quality and support and the quick response. Keep up the good work
    J. SINGH
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